she walks through her life feeling

unheard and unknown

surrounded by those that claim to love

but in truth she is alone

living in a world of boxes

she doesn’t fit in

a world of clocks that

just keep tickin’

a constant reminder

that our

time here is short

perhaps that’s a blessing cuz

this world is a mess and

it’s made a mess of her head

wanting to live but

surrounded by corpses

she’s like a ghost

looked over passed by

when she shows her soul

they look in horror

the don’t really want to know her

claiming she’s too deep

no one wants to speak

about what’s real

how we really feel

they want delusion and fantasy

unable to face truth

content to talk about the weather

and their cashmere sweaters

and how their kids are better

than yours

filling the world so full of lies

and noise until

we cant hear our hearts

impressing each other with our stuff

and our smarts while

filling our shopping carts

with poison passed off as food

buying into the lie that it’s good

how can we know so much and yet be

and so incredibly dumb

we’ve become

a world full of zombies

feeding on brains

but having no soul

we’ve forgotten

that we are sacred

that we are all ONE

that we are MAGIC


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