Dark thoughts


For as positive as I am on the outside, you would be surprised at the battle that goes on inside my mind. I believe that our words have power and that our thoughts become things so I try very hard to speak only good things and keep my thoughts focused on positivity and love. The negative inner dialog sometimes gets very loud though and I have found that instead of continuing to stuff it down it helps me to just give the dark its voice. Not by unleashing all the negativity on to some poor person but through journaling. 

In this journal page I started by writing down every negative thought that was roaming in my mind. Every fear, every self critisicm, everything I felt was going wrong I just poured int all out on the page. Then I just sat with the darkness for a while. There is wisdom in the darkness if you are not afraid to look it in the face and listen. Even the darkness craves your love and acceptance. As I read the dark thoughts and acknowledged each one I began painting over the words, with each stroke of the brush I countered each fear and negative thought with a positive action I would take or a positive truth to combat the lies.

When I acknowledged these dark thoughts I found that they then were released instead of fighting in my mind to be heard. Why have we been taught to fight against these thoughts and pretend that we do not have them. We are taught to deny them and to stuff them and feel guilty for them. And by all means do not tell anyone else that you have these kinds of thoughts. Why not when we all have them, we all struggle with the battle in our minds? Why are we so fearful of the dark?

I gave my Dark wings in this page, stopped fighting against it and embraced it with love and acceptance as a part of my self. Only light conquers dark, and only love can conquer hate.

Love yourselves, every little bit of yourselves, you are so deserving of unconditional love.


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