Embrace the magic of winter…

I awake, it is cold. The fire went out in the night. Another blanket of fresh snow covers the forests in white. It is quiet and grey as I walk and begin my day. It is the type of morning that sets one to inward brooding and solemn thoughts. I used to find this discouraging but I am learning to move in a more graceful way with the seasons and cycles of this world.I am learning to embrace the winter months in a more accepting way. I have always appreciated the beauty of a new snowfall, but the grey and the cold have never been a welcomed friend. This year instead of grumbling and scowling at the grizzly veil that hides my sun, I allow the grey to fill me with a deep calm. My soul rests like the seeds in the ground, patiently waiting for their time to bloom and bask in the sun. Like my forest friends cuddled in their burrows and nests only going out to raid their hidden food storage, I find contentment in my little home and keep my hands and mind busy there. 

Instead of saying “I hate winter!” as I pull my hood over my head and stomp through the snow with my head down, I take deep breaths of the frigid air, filling my lungs with its power. I lift my face to the sky, feel the cold on my skin while snowflakes tickle my cheeks. I embrace the magic of winter, I smile, and I am grateful.


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