Integrity – One-Little-Word 2017


As I was choosing my “one little word” for 2017, the words ACTION and CHOICE kept coming up but I felt like I needed to fine tune those words more as they are a little vague to keep me motivated. So I thought… Yes, I do need to keep making the choices and taking the actions toward living the life that I desire, but how do I make sure those actions and choices make a difference?.. and the Divine whispers… integrity.
I love this affirmation on integrity. Integrity is not necessarily about following a strict set of rules or religious values. Integrity is about living in alignment with what you hold to be true.
It is already 18 days into the new year. I have been faced with some difficult choices already, some of them painful to make, but above all I must be true to my own heart. I look forward to the growth this one little word brings me in 2017.

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