Le Château de Val





I am getting through these grey winter days by going through my pictures from my France adventure this past June. They make my heart ache a bit and I long to return and explore more.

This beautiful little castle, Le Château de Val, is located in Lanobre, Cantal and was almost lost when a dam was built that flooded the valley. It has been through many owners, has been looted a few times as well but now is being restored. Tours were closed when we arrived but we walked around the grounds. It is hard to imagine as you walk along the shore that it once looked over a green lush valley instead of a lake. I was told that when the water is low you can see the remains of platforms and stairs that were once part of a beautiful French garden built in the 1600s. There was a very tranquil yet heart broken feel to this place and I do wish I could have seen inside her beautiful walls. Perhaps on my next visit.


5 thoughts on “Le Château de Val

  1. Hello! I live in Champs sur Tarentaine about 5 km from Lanobre and regularly take walks at Chateau du Val. How lovely to see it included in a blog piece and I do hope you get to visit again and take a tour inside. It is well worth it.

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      1. I hope you will be able too. I am extremely fortunate to live in Cantal (though right now I am six months in Grenoble which is lovely in a different way) … no-where else feels the same, no-where else feels like home 🙂

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      2. There is something very special about the Cantal region. I found myself just wanting to stay and make my home there among the ancient volcanoes and mountains. I could have totally stayed in Salers and been happy for the rest of my life.

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      3. I see you have flattered me by following my blog …. I make a point of really delving into new followers blogs once a week so I will hope to find out more about what makes you tick then (and maybe follow you back since it was your post that drew my eye not the other way around) … Cantal stole my heart pure and simple. I first visited 5 years ago and I knew I was home … the people, the landscape, the room to breath all conspired to keep me calm. I do hope you get the chance to visit again 😊


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