Love is my religion

While contemplating “Just what are my fundamental spiritual beliefs?”, after going through all the things I DO NOT believe, I came back to this core belief. The ONE thing I am certain of, but this ONE thing encompasses all that I hold to be sacred and true.


Not Love as defined by our English Websters dictionary “an intense feeling of deep affection” “to feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to”, no, that love is fleeting and does not last. I am talking LOVE the Greeks describe as “agape”. An all encompassing love that does not fade or wither when another no longer pleases or has anything to offer you. Agape loves all equally with a deep understanding that we are all connected.

My definition of Love, as a discipline, is described well in the Bible 1 Corinthians13: 4-8 is a great list of characteristics to keep your actions and thoughts in check. Am I being patient, am I being kind. Are these feelings coming from envy and jealousy, are they coming from pride and ego. Am I expecting something in return…

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and in the teachings of Buddha,explained briefly in this article, The Buddha’s Teachings on Love.

I believe in the sacredness of Mother Earth and all of nature. That we, as humans, are not separate from nature but a part of it and should strive to live in harmony with all of creation. Nature has been my greatest spiritual teacher. If you want to know the Creator, study the Creator’s creation. If we truly love (agape) the Creator then we would never want to cause harm to what the Creator created, be that a river, the land, an animal, another human or our selves.

All of my other spiritual beliefs and practices come back to this fundamental belief.

LOVE, is my religion, my discipline, and my most fundamental spiritual belief.


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