Don’t give in to judgment and hate

Let me begin by saying, this is not a political post. Honestly, nothing bores me more than a bunch of pseudo intellectuals discussing politics, anybody discussing politics really…. YAWN! This is a post expressing my disappointment in people, people I know and love, people on both sides of the political chasm that threatens to destroy our great nation. People who have bought in to the media lie that it is okay to judge and speak hatefully towards someone who voted differently than you.

The extreme right wing would have you believe that everyone who voted against President Trump are a bunch of liberal crybabies that just want their abortions paid for, or lazy people who take advantage of the broken welfare system instead of getting a job (add whatever other bullshit generalization you have heard here). I know that this is just not true because I know many, hard working, intelligent, loving, kind, and compassionate people who voted against Trump.

The left wing would have you believe that anyone who voted for President Trump is a gun totin’, bigoted, racist, redneck ignoramus. I also know this to be false. Many of the people I know and love who voted for Trump are highly intelligent, progressive thinking people.They are neither racist, bigoted, homo phobic or any of the other generalizations the media seems to throw out there.

I listen patiently while others express their political opinions and viewpoints. EVERYONE has a right to one as well as a right to express it without fear of being hated for it. But my line of tolerance ends when a person starts throwing out judgments and generalizations about those on the other side of the political fence. When you start using words like “all” Trump or Hillary supporters are… (fill in the blank) I have to stop you. Those are people I love that you are misrepresenting. 

When you make a snap judgment about a person because of a bumper sticker on their work truck, I have to call you out. Because they could be beautiful people just trying to make an honest living who have other reasons for voting for Trump than what main stream media would have you believe. 

And when you say that the woman marching are a bunch of liberal lesbians who want their abortions paid for (yes some dimwit said that) I have to stop you because 1. Do you realize what an idiot you sound like right now? Because I still care for you, I do not want you to continue to be an idiot so, just think for a moment about what just vomited out of your mouth… and 2. Many beautiful woman from many different walks of life were marching, it is their right as citizens of the United States of America to do so and I will defend their right to do so just like I would yours. If You don’t like it organize your own march, I will even knit you a penis hat to wear. 😜

I guess my point here is enough with the HATE. If you do not like the way it is let’s work together and find solutions. Preferably one that doesn’t end in war and where nobody ends up fucking DEAD!!! Seriously! You can’t preach love and tolerance and then say someone needs to die because they voted differently than you. You can’t preach equality and justice for all and then look down on people of other ethnicities, sexual preferences, or class status. 


Here is a little Dr. Suess wisdom for you.

Let Love Rule


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