Allow yourself to just BE

IMG_6885 - Copy


I have been in a creative slump for a little while, I just cant seem to get whats in my head down onto a canvas. Art journals are good for these times because it just doesnt matter what ends up on the page of an art journal. You could end up with a page of scribbles and mud colored paint and it just doesn’t matter. As a .beginner artist the pressure we put on ourselves to create perfection often blocks the creative flow. We have to learn to get out of our own way. Stop being afraid of making mistakes. Stop being afraid of doing it wrong. Stop being afraid of looking like an amateur   because DUH! you are just beginning! Allow yourself to be a beginner! Fill your journal with art experiments, make mud, make messes, make drawings that are total fails! It is okay because each time you create you are learning, about the art making process and about yourself.


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