The Web We Weave


Do not fear the spider

and her creepy crawly ways

there’s a lesson that she teaches

if you listen to what she says..


The eight legs of the spider are to remind us of 8, eternity. The 8 is the reminder that what you sow, you reap, what goes around comes around, it is a never ending cycle. This lesson is repeated in the web she so carefully and meticulously weaves. A reminder that the web we weave today is the home we live in tomorrow.

Our lives, our happiness, peace and joy are totally dependent on ourselves and our choices. Even when bad things come at the hands of other people WE still decide how we are going to respond. Do we stay in bad situations? Is the bad situation a result of choices WE have made in the past? What choices are we going to make so we do not have to experience the same thing again?

We are all individually responsible for the state of our lives and we all have the power to change things if we do not like it. It may not always be easy. Spiders will move their webs if there is something that keeps destroying it, or if there is not enough food for it to survive. We must be willing to do the same. Weave your webs purposefully, my friends. Make conscious choices with the knowing that your choices today decide your tomorrows. Keep your webs clean. Be light, be love, be ONE.


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