Puddle reflections

Is it a puddle

Or a portal to a magical land

Will you jump with me

Come, take my hand

And we shall see


Here’s to us

I have read that each color of rose has a meaning

Red for love

White for purity

Yellow for friendship

Orange for passion

Blue for the unattainable mystery

No one rose could express what I feel so

Here’s to us!

Beware my deer

beware my deer
for that is man

hear how he sighs

in awe of your beauty and grace

while his arrow is ready to shoot

tears and blood are never enough

they are not satisfied

till your guts are spilled

as they feast

on your broken heart

and steel your crown

for a trophy

The Web We Weave


Do not fear the spider

and her creepy crawly ways

there’s a lesson that she teaches

if you listen to what she says..


The eight legs of the spider are to remind us of 8, eternity. The 8 is the reminder that what you sow, you reap, what goes around comes around, it is a never ending cycle. This lesson is repeated in the web she so carefully and meticulously weaves. A reminder that the web we weave today is the home we live in tomorrow.

Our lives, our happiness, peace and joy are totally dependent on ourselves and our choices. Even when bad things come at the hands of other people WE still decide how we are going to respond. Do we stay in bad situations? Is the bad situation a result of choices WE have made in the past? What choices are we going to make so we do not have to experience the same thing again?

We are all individually responsible for the state of our lives and we all have the power to change things if we do not like it. It may not always be easy. Spiders will move their webs if there is something that keeps destroying it, or if there is not enough food for it to survive. We must be willing to do the same. Weave your webs purposefully, my friends. Make conscious choices with the knowing that your choices today decide your tomorrows. Keep your webs clean. Be light, be love, be ONE.

Allow yourself to just BE

IMG_6885 - Copy


I have been in a creative slump for a little while, I just cant seem to get whats in my head down onto a canvas. Art journals are good for these times because it just doesnt matter what ends up on the page of an art journal. You could end up with a page of scribbles and mud colored paint and it just doesn’t matter. As a .beginner artist the pressure we put on ourselves to create perfection often blocks the creative flow. We have to learn to get out of our own way. Stop being afraid of making mistakes. Stop being afraid of doing it wrong. Stop being afraid of looking like an amateur   because DUH! you are just beginning! Allow yourself to be a beginner! Fill your journal with art experiments, make mud, make messes, make drawings that are total fails! It is okay because each time you create you are learning, about the art making process and about yourself.

Take back your wild

The wild calls

The ache in my soul

Longs for release

So poised on the outside

Yet inside a beast

Thrashes and yelps

Tearing through the hedges

Of my labyrinthine mind

Searching for the something 

I must find, 

a treasure, my truth

My untainted innocence of youth

 stolen long ago

When I let them deceive

And lead me away

From the center

Where wisdom and power reside

Like goblins they stole the child

They stole my wild

And hid it deep in the maze

Of illusion 


Of puzzled 

Mind muddled


But i am close now

I can tell by their scared looks

As they cling to their Book

And realize

They have no power over me

The truth

Has set me free